What’s going on with the cellar?

For months the Library has been dealing with a leaky ceiling in the basement – undoubtedly our most popular area.  Every time it rains, the waterfall gets larger and larger.  We started off with one bucket to catch the runoff, and now we have worked our way up to seven buckets!!!

What is going on?

Although the problem manifests in the library, the leaks come from a poor drainage issue that stems from the courtyard.

A plan is underway to fix our leaky building, and it is no small feat.    It is a complicated project that has required several engineering minds to tackle it to the ground.  This Monday the team will also be joined by our architect, Robert Stern, who will help come up with a solution to our spreading problem.  It will take a long time to complete the project since we do not want construction work taking place during reading periods and exams; however, most of the work will take place OUTSIDE of the library.  

So, for those of you who have been asking about those ugly buckets and the exposed ceiling –  fear not!  Although the end is not exactly “in sight,” the solution has been found.

I want to thank you all for your patience and for the help of the librarians and students who have “run for buckets!”


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