Free tool: Court Listener

Court Listener (free!) highlights recent cases issued by the U.S. Supreme Court and federal circuit courts.  Tab: Browse displays the most recent cases, and allows one to view subfiles of cases, such as U.S. Supreme Court decisions and decisions of a specific circuit.  I had success using Court Listener to ID recent circuit splits.

Tip #1: click Advanced from the main screen.  The  sample search I used was: “circuit split”~10 and international. (A researcher could substitute keywords pertinent to his/her topic of interest.)

Tip #2: After you retrieve case results, use your web browser’s Find feature to look for the word: split within a case.  I also registered with Court Listener so that I could save my search and could receive future weekly alerts if cases match my search criteria.

Court Listener deserves use along with subscription United States Law Week’s monthly Circuit Split column.  Thank you, Michael Lissner, for developing this open source tool and clarifying a search question for me.

Btw: Court Listener and many other tools are highlighted in my publicly accessible web guide under tab: Legal News Reports.

Jean Davis

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One response to “Free tool: Court Listener

  1. Hi Jean. Thanks for the review. For whatever reason, I don’t think we received your email about the above queries, but please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions. We love to hear your feedback.

    For your query, the syntax you need to use is “circuit split”~10. This link should give you the results you were looking for:

    Thanks again for the review!


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