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New Pathway To Access & Other Changes

I want to highlight the new procedure for the BLS community to access At the top of your Lexis Advance screen, there is a pull-down arrow in the red tab: Research.  One of the options in the pull-down menu is:
At this point, a message might pop up–in the message, you might need to click: “Continue” to reach the main screen. In, tab: Legal still contains the menu of legal sources.

Also, according to Lexis, if you are a BLS subscriber using (as opposed to Lexis Advance):

  • Your history is not saved
  • Your tabs might not be there the next time you log on to because you are sharing a “party line password” with others
  • BLS students cannot print documents from through the dedicated Lexis printers in the library.  (BLS students CAN print documents from Lexis Advance through the dedicated Lexis printers.)

Note: Lexis could not tell me when the foreign law sources that are only available in will migrate to Lexis Advance.


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Library Adds Charging Station for Mobile Devices

The Library has added a charging station for mobile devices on the first floor.  The station has connections for eight devices that use micro USB, Apple 30-pin and Apple Lightning connectors.  The station will charge any device that uses those connectors.  This station is for phone and tablets only, not for laptops.

Students should sit nearby to watch their phones and tablets while they are charging; the Library is not responsible for any device left unattended.

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Recent SCOTUS Opinions

Supreme_Court_Front_DuskThis week the United States Supreme Court issued several important rulings on same-sex marriage, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and affirmative action.  To read about these decisions and their potential impact, visit some of the legal news sites linked below.

BNA United States Law Week
(For off-campus access need to implement the proxy instructions.)

(For off-campus access need to implement the proxy instructions.)
(Ask a reference librarian for log on credentials.)

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NLJ350 Regional Report:The Hot Markets,

NLJ350 Regional Report:The Hot Markets, & the Cold.#LawFirms

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Westlaw Free Printing to End

Westlaw Logo

Westlaw will end their support of dedicated printers in law schools as of June 30, 2013.  For BLS students and faculty this means that we will no longer have dedicated printers in the library as of June 24, 2013.  Students may still print Westlaw documents by sending them to the networked printers throughout the library using their Pharos accounts.

An alternative to printing is to use the folders that are available in WestlawNext to store documents.  Folders on WestlawNext help you organize and manage your research.  Access to the folders is through a link in the upper right-hand corner of WestlawNext.  WestlawNext folders may also be shared with other members of the BLS community.  If you have questions about using folders in WestlawNext, please speak to a reference librarian.

Free printing in LexisNexis is still available on the dedicated Lexis printers in the Lexis lab on the second mezzanine and in the cellar.

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New tool to develop paper/note topics: Law Ratchet

Law Ratchet is a free, searchable aggregator of legal news and blog posts.  At present, there is both a Law Ratchet website and an iPad app (displays well and is easy to edit).  The FAQs indicate that the developers are working on  adding offline access and expanding to other platforms (like Android phones).

You can customize Law Ratchet’s 40+ legal news categories through its EDIT feature.  Categories include: trending topics, top 25 blogs, law school, and the legal industry.   There are also subject categories such as international, policy and politics,  corporate law, commercial law, immigration law, and law and technology.  In some cases, Law Ratchet is reproducing blog posts in full.  In other cases, it provides summaries of posts and directs readers to, for example, specific legal blog sites.

I think that this will be a useful source for note and paper topic development.



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Summer Reading: Something New or Something Old?

Summer is often a time for law students and others to catch up on their non-school or non-work related reading.  If you are looking for some summer reading, while maybe not actually lighter fare, there are three locations in the library that might offer some interesting selections.

The library orders, receives and processes hundreds of new books each year.  A new book list is posted on SARA, our online catalog, every two weeks.  A few of the books from each list are displayed on the new book shelf on the first floor circulation desk.  Two new books shelved there which might be of particular interest to law students:

Another source for fining out about new books in the library is the bulletin board in the entrance to the cellar displaying new book jackets.  A couple of the book jackets currently on display deal with the Supreme Court:

If you are a history buff, you might want to read some of the titles that are housed in our rare book collection. While the rare books do not circulate out of the library, they may be borrowed from the rare book cabinets located on the second floor, second floor mezzanine and the third floor to read in the library.   A few rare books of possible interest:

These three books and many others in the rare book collection are also available electronically through our Making of Modern Law Collection or in HeinOnline.  Enjoy your summer!

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