New Library Database: Legal Source

The library recently acquired a new legal research database:  Legal Source. This database may be accessed from the library homepage in the alphabetical list of databases or here.

Legal Source is a single resource for the extensive content previously found in the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books from the H. W. Wilson Company as well content from EBSCO Information Services, a provider of research databases and e-journals.

Legal Source includes over 1,200 full-text journals and over 2.5 million records.  Included is the Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective covering 1908-1981 and the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books with full-text available for over 400 periodicals as far back at 1994.


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Please Play Nicely!

Children_PlayingAn incident occurred in the library this past Saturday involving one our study rooms. A student was studying in a room on the second mezzanine and left to have lunch. When she returned to the study room, she found a note.
The note contained expletives and accused her of being a “(study)room stealing slime”. I am in possession of said note.

Now, I myself, find it hard to believe that someone apparently studying for the bar, would handle a situation like this, in such a childish and immature manner. Having said that, I realize that it’s hot, it’s humid and nerves are on edge. However, there is no need for name calling and F word usage.

So please, everyone, remember to be polite and courteous to your fellow students. I am sure if the student who was using the study room had been informed that said room had been reserved by another student in a polite way, the first student would have moved and found another study area.

Please play nicely!

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BLS LL.M Grad Authors Bilingual Antitrust Blog

Thibault Schrepel, a 2013 LL.M Graduate of Brooklyn Law School, has published the first Antitrust Letter, a new monthly series of articles written in both French and English.

According to Mr. Schrepel, each month’s article will analyze major changes within United States antitrust law and legal precedents, whilst contrasting and occasionally drawing parallels to European antitrust legal issues.

Antitrust Letter #1 discusses the DOJ v. Apple trial, calling it “one of the year’s biggest antitrust trials

Other topics in this issue include –

Framing the class action: American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant

Tesla and direct sell networks

Questioning “Pay-for-delay deals”: FTC v. Actavis

Patent-trolls hunting is open

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Hein and Fastcase Partnership

fastcase heinWilliam S. Hein & Co. and Fastcase, two independent legal publishers, announced they would be combining their resources  and forming a unique partnership to the benefit of their customers.

“Under the agreement, Hein will provide federal and state case law to HeinOnline subscribers via inline hyperlinks powered by Fastcase. In addition, Fastcase will completely integrate HeinOnline’s extensive law review and historical state statute collection in search results, with full access available to Fastcase subscribers who additionally subscribe to Hein’s law review database.”

This means that Hein’s federal case coverage will include the judicial opinions of the Supreme Court (1754-present), Federal Circuits (1924-present), Board of Tax Appeals (vols. 1-47), Tax Court Memorandum Decisions (vols. 1-59), U.S. Customs Court (vols. 1-70), Board of Immigration Appeals (1996-present), Federal District Courts (1924-present), and Federal Bankruptcy Courts (1 B.R. 1-present). The state case law will cover all fifty states with nearly half of the states dating back to the 1800’s. Coverage for the remaining states dates back to approximately 1950. When Hein users link to case law through Fastcase, they will be able to utilize Authority Check, an integrated citation analysis tool developed by Fastcase to help identify negative citation history at no additional cost.

Conversely, Fastcase users will be able to search all content available in the Law Journal Library, Session Laws Library, State Attorney General Reports and Opinions, and State Statutes: A Historical Archive and see Hein results and abstracts for free, with subscription options for the full articles.
The integrated libraries will be available to members of the BLS Community at the end of the summer.

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New Pathway To Access & Other Changes

I want to highlight the new procedure for the BLS community to access At the top of your Lexis Advance screen, there is a pull-down arrow in the red tab: Research.  One of the options in the pull-down menu is:
At this point, a message might pop up–in the message, you might need to click: “Continue” to reach the main screen. In, tab: Legal still contains the menu of legal sources.

Also, according to Lexis, if you are a BLS subscriber using (as opposed to Lexis Advance):

  • Your history is not saved
  • Your tabs might not be there the next time you log on to because you are sharing a “party line password” with others
  • BLS students cannot print documents from through the dedicated Lexis printers in the library.  (BLS students CAN print documents from Lexis Advance through the dedicated Lexis printers.)

Note: Lexis could not tell me when the foreign law sources that are only available in will migrate to Lexis Advance.

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Library Adds Charging Station for Mobile Devices

The Library has added a charging station for mobile devices on the first floor.  The station has connections for eight devices that use micro USB, Apple 30-pin and Apple Lightning connectors.  The station will charge any device that uses those connectors.  This station is for phone and tablets only, not for laptops.

Students should sit nearby to watch their phones and tablets while they are charging; the Library is not responsible for any device left unattended.

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Recent SCOTUS Opinions

Supreme_Court_Front_DuskThis week the United States Supreme Court issued several important rulings on same-sex marriage, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and affirmative action.  To read about these decisions and their potential impact, visit some of the legal news sites linked below.

BNA United States Law Week
(For off-campus access need to implement the proxy instructions.)

(For off-campus access need to implement the proxy instructions.)
(Ask a reference librarian for log on credentials.)

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